Author Spotlight: Vineeta Asthana

Vineeta Asthana is a noted name in the field of Media Academics. She has worked with top media institutions such as Indian Express Group and Network 18 Group. Her expertise in strategic expansions and partnerships makes her the popular choice for people, wanting to launch or introduce innovative pedagogy and experiential learning in their institutions….

My Fatal Encounter with 2020 !

Happy as butterfly, I forgot to bid adieu to 2019 and entered 2020 unalarmed. I mean who does that??? When you already have an experience of brush with the death it self and still you choose to forget and merry around ; what do you think what can happen.. See 2020 we were all caught in the Pandemic together, one Pandemic I fought for 5 years due to 2020, had struck again to the whole world.


इतनी शिद्दत से तो मैंने अपने बोर्ड़ के रिजल्ट का भी इंतज़ार नहीं किया था , जितना इस किताब के छपने का किया है। २४ दिसंबर को बिटिया के ८वें जन्मदिन की लंच पार्टी चल रही थी कि हमारे संपादक शैलेश जी का मैसेज आया, किताब का pre order link था, कुछ देर कुछ भी समझ नहीं आया…..