My Fatal Encounter with 2020 !

For a few years, I make sure that I write a thank you message and say good bye to the last year and also welcome the new year. Last year, 2019 I did not write a thank you message, neither welcomed the new one. This act of being such a shameless (Behaya) person with no gratitude had to be punished, So we all landed in 2020, and how!!

Though I had a near death experience with 2020 (HR 26 AZ 2020), my Skoda Laura. That was my husband’s serious crush so we bought it in 2015. 2020 (the Car) made sure to make us almost bankrupt with a massive accident within a month of its purchase and then insurance claim for the repair was denied. One of our acquaintance was driving that car to Lucknow and slept on wheel, hitting two cars coming from front injuring a few people and damaging all the cars. All the airbags were tested the same day. Thankfully, no one was dead.

So, 2020 (the car) was in the garage for almost two years while we were fighting with insurance company, but no claims accepted. We spend around 7 lacs in fixing that high end fully automatic car while paying hefty EMI of the 2020 (car).. but the rust of the garage took over it and 2020 was caught in a life threatening decaying. 2017 to 2019, it broke down multiple times but we kept injecting some life through the money we had. Finally in 2019, I got rid of my husband’s beloved high end purchase. Cars 24 took over the 2020 (the car). I felt relived, hoping that the trauma of 2020 ends with this good bye. Little did I know.. that I was only a few months far from another crash landing n 2020 (the year)

Happy as butterfly, I forgot to bid adieu to 2019 and entered 2020 unalarmed. I mean who does that??? When you already have an experience of brush with the death it self and still you choose to forget and merry around ; what do you think what can happen.. See 2020 we were all caught in the Pandemic together, one Pandemic I fought for 5 years due to a 2020, had struck again to the whole world.

So… I am sorry! Because I did not warn anyone about the side effects of 2020 :P. I am sorry for ignoring all the good things that happened in 2019 and I am sorry for not welcoming 2020 like I should have. Still 2020, the year has been much much better than 2020, the car. Lockdown for me was very very beautiful, except for the business (husband’s) got almost shut 😜; still we managed to feed all our employees and their families during the tough times πŸ˜‡. 2020 was kind, except that Corona came visiting and threatening to home, but we survived 😁 . Sweet mercy, we had savings to pay staff salaries (15 families), school fees etc but had to stop paying EMIs to do so πŸ˜… . Things are still not back on track- financially, mentally and health wise but I am happy and contended. And alive πŸ€—.

The year 2020, professionally came with lot of work and opportunities. Working from home has been a normal for past few years, so not much has changed. I am grateful, this year saw beautiful things, memorable occasions, important opportunity and immense exposure (Don’t worry, no stunts in COVID19, professional exposure I meant). Kids were home with me the whole year, Ma-papa visited me on my Birthday, My sister turned 50 this year and My Hindi book #Behaya published.. 2020 the year was so much better than I thought πŸ˜ƒ

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