How is your boycott less bigot than my boycott?? Any Boycott is equally discriminating in a democracy.

Boycott Amul is secular, Boycott Tanishq is Communal. Boycott Republic over SSR case is good, Boycott Aajtak on Hathras case is bad. Telling the religion and caste of the victim in one crime is necessity and hiding it on all the other cases is compulsory. Calling Ghunghat patriarchal is cool, calling niqab cool is even cooler. Making fun of majority’s faith is welcoming, killing people over posts and cartoons is about sentiments? Wishing for the death of a trump or a Modi is progressive and restoring an ancient temple after a long legal battle is regressive. Save Array Forest protest under one government is a public movement and cutting of the same forest doesn’t matter under the other governance? Pressuring and Stopping the printing of a book on Delhi Riots is democratic, Banning any explicit content is dictatorships? Asking question on the credibility of ISRO chief is ok but asking question on Romila Thapar is Criminal. Glorifying the terrorists is ok, glorifying savarkar is extremism. I can list hundreds and thousands of these stories.

Till how long are we going to let these so called brands of liberalism divide us? We are divided and full of hatred because of the multiple standards approach they have taken to describe our pains and the pictures they have painted out of our blood. For years, their TRP and establishing of their name has been a priority for these people. These Vultures are not going to stop even after they establish themselves as the ‘epitome of liberalism’ , Because dear friends, the brand liberal is the biggest scam of this century.

Liberals here are not willing to respect and accept the opinion that doesn’t matches theirs. They will bully you, insult you, corner you, make fun of you and what not but they will never respect your faith and beliefs. And then they call themselves Liberal for not letting people follow their heart and opinion. Be it about voting the person of their choice or watching a movie of their taste. Dear Liberal you want them to listen to you and follow your instructions, like a dictator, yes dear liberal you want followers, you want them to follow your advice else they are stupid, illiterate crowd?

The real face of Liberal!

You want to save the society? Stop pretending that you respect and accept people and their faith. Because if you do, you wouldn’t mock the sentiments of people and their faith. Stop trying to portray yourself as a messiah for the minority, because you are not. You are excluding them deliberately for your goals and agendas creating the divide we may never be able to bridge.. Let us live, Leave us, the Indian, alone. Because it is easier to fight with the extremists who are not covered, but this extremism of dividing us from behind the façade of Liberalism is the slow poison that is killing the roots of unity in this diverse India.

Why is that we can accept a Muslim daughter in law in films and ads; but not a Muslim Son in law? Why is that we like to show a boy with skull cap needs to be saved from Holi colours and why cant he be a pat of the playful group of children enjoying? Why is it important to stereotype the plot?

We have become a country where even sneezing can cause communal tension. But Seriously, if you are looking at Boycotting, stop watching, stop reading, stop paying for it.. in place of mounting the pressure. Don’t like it, don’t see it but Lets stop giving nourishment to these vultures who are always looking for an opportunity to deepen this divide.

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