Love you Forever 2018

Been 11 days since we moved into 2019, I am still holding on to my love for 2018. There are things you can never get over with, 2018 was that one year.

I got into my new assignment with the School of Policy and governance in January 2018. Met amazing people, learned so much about policymaking and governance. A pure delight to be able to communicate, coordinate and conduct sessions with the stalwarts and change makers from this field including Vrinda Grover, Karuna Nundy, Masooma Ranalvi, Subarna Ghosh, Nilanjana Sengupta to name a few. It was an amazing experience.

I was so involved in my assignment with SOG that I could not work towards the launch of my First Novel ‘Siya in Exile’. Launched in February on Amazon, the book did really well. I am overwhelmed by the amazing response I received as an amateur Novel writer. Btw, I could still not launch it formally and couldn’t even get the Hindi edition out, My bad! ( ek jaan kitna Kaam :P) Though I have received some beautiful offers for this story, You may see a few surprises in 2019.

By April end My project Nirvana The Moksha started rolling and how. Retreats camps, training programmes and spiritual walks; Oh so fulfilling.

How can I forget to mention a Midyear Crisis of June 4th when some anti-social elements tried to encroach into my Lucknow House in broad daylight. Thanks to my friends Mohit Trivedi, Shvani ji (Mohit’s wife) and Harsh Bhaiya for helping my family while I was not there.

Ppl broke into my house demolishing backyards wall and started to build a new wall.

Thanks to Parul Budkar, Shalabh Mani tripathi and Manoj Rajan ji for helping with all their resources to register the case against the culprits. Means a lot to me 🙂

In July I took up another assignment with a Philanthropic University and started working on the School of Creativity wing of it. In this series, again I got to interact with the experts from Film Fraternity. From Film academics to Film Directors; Choreographers to Best Music Composers and singers, Young directors to the legend of yesteryears, This journey was truly marvellous.

And trust me you, it is not just a saying that “An empty vessel makes more noise”. Seriously, Met many people throughout this year and found that the most experienced and knowledgeable people were so down to earth and those recently shot to fame were so shallow.

Working day and night to this experiential curriculum and pedagogy. Working on the revolutionary model of education and it is satisfying.

The year was ending too well and then came 21st December. I had a meeting in Taj Lands End. This man, I had to meet…as expected turned out to be a ‘Jerk’ (Read Dick). I know how to deal with these people not let them spoil my beautiful journey. This man is a known motivational speaker, a singer and commentator. An fb contact and LinkedIn connection, He got in touch with me to discuss a few projects with me, so I met him in Delhi once earlier this year. Looking at his over-friendly behaviour in the first meeting I drew a line immediately on physical proximity. Still, we were in touch on what’s app messages, I knew who I was communicating and what.

Anyway, this man assured to connect me to a legendary writer from Bollywood and assured me to help.

That’s how I visited him. This man has mentioned a few times that he has written a poem on me and wanted to narrate. I decided to let him narrate that. In the end, Man asked how I found his poem; I replied creepy and filthy. He did not like my genuine feedback on his so-called poem that was actually nothing but an ugly sex scene. Its okay to be attracted or infatuated or even fantasise someone. It is normal, but why hide behind a friendly face and lie. 😀

Because of my response and feedback, my meeting with the legendary writer did not take place but I made sure that I gave him my piece of mind in feedback. (Hum to sach bolte hain , bura apne aap lag jata hai 😀 😀 :D)
This is how the year ended, I am totally loving the way I made that Jerk feel that he is nothing but a dick!

For 2019, I will make sure to reach and meet this writer without the help mediators. ❤ ❤

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  1. Kriti Baghel says:



  2. Tipu Saikia says:

    All the best for this year too 💓
    Fight never ends and a story is not complete without an action scene 🙂


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