#SlutShaming #MeToo?

Stop the #SlutShaming of #MeToo.
A lot is going on, on the social media in favour and against of #MeToo. Many people are not bold enough to revolt when in such a situation, at times they quit without making any noise. At times they continue to get exploited.
I can see an outrage against women, who are ‘Successful’, ‘Educated’ and never reported the incidents when it happened with them, they shared the unspoken when #MeToo took over the social media.
People who are bound to run their household and live under the pressure of multiple EMI’s may also start compromising on the values and ethics of their profession; without any gender bias to it. Taking bribes, Hiding facts, Not reporting the real news etc are just a few things to name. They compromise, as they want to run their household smoothly, want to pay EMIs and Fees on time. This burden is shared by both, Men and women. I am sure, Men also compromise under this burden. Other than just sharing this financial burden, Women share many emotional stigmas too.
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When a woman, whom you called educated and successful, chooses a career in place of staying at home, she for sure struggles her share of restrictions and problems. She tries not to give the family a reason to tell her to sit back ‘safely’ at home. I know many such women, they do not revolt to their oppression as they continue to feel grateful as they were ‘allowed to work’ by the family. How do you expect these women to speak about the harassment at work? I wrote a complete book #SiyaInExile on these real-life threats of working women.
Out of context, let me share again my thought of ‘Padman’ promotions; people were taking selfies with sanitary pads, that had nothing to do with its reach to the needy segment. It only helped in breaking the taboo about periods and made it comfortable for women to talk about it without hesitation.
Same goes with #MeToo, why the complaints were not lodged, why the action wasn’t taken by the people 10 years ago can still be unanswered keeping in mind their different stigmas, but it is for sure giving the courage to the younger generation to identify these predators and preparators and speak up now without any fear.
People like Tanushree Dutta and Phantom employee did report it to the concerned authority in time. People like Vinta Nanda, may not have the courage to report the abuse back then. That doesn’t mean they did not suffer. Social media today has given people a platform to speak up and share their experience with the world, it may give some harasser a threat to be exposed and he behaves, It may give some timid girls the courage, to revolt right now.
Also, I agree that women who take advantage of the ‘ So-called Compromise’ shouldn’t call it #MeToo after they move to another stage of the compromise with another ‘to be harasser’, rather it is merely a ‘Give and take’. I know a few students who would come crying, complaining about certain Male teachers. Every time I took it up with the management, these girls back out, putting me in a question of being against of that certain bunch of men. These young ladies continue to ‘Oblige’ those guides to get internships and placements. Do you feel that those girls are victims? They are fine of being ‘Used’ if they are getting ‘Jobs’ in return.
Like all the men are not Harassers, Every woman is not a victim. But that doesn’t mean, people, should not speak up.
To be precise, I have left my jobs frequently after thrashing the leeches at work, Made my self a bank defaulter for not being able to pay my EMIs on time, bad cibil records :D, I don’t regret leaving active media, I am proud I did, after stripping that man in a crowded newsroom. I don’t need to name and shame him now, as I did it right when he tried to violate. I chose not to play a victim.
PS* Though I mentioned a few incidents from the past as an example, it is not to malign anyone’s image or seek sympathy but to establish my point.

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