Heartfelt Gratitude

I am overwhelmed with the kind of response and support Siya in Exile received. We are almost sold out with the first edition within a months’ time. Every Success story has a team of self-motivated people who selflessly contribute and work as a support system in the making of that success. 

Writing a Story was not a big thing. I had the research, I had the Case studies; I just started writing and completed the first draft in 20 days in 2016. From the first draft to the book, it took me 8 more drafts and inputs from the friends and family. I have mentioned everyone’s efforts and contribution in the acknowledgement note, as asked by the publisher.

Names of few contributors are still missing from there. I take this platform to thank those people, behind the making of Siya in exile.  I am grateful to my family and friends,  who worked day and night from the day I decided to get it published.

Thank you, family (Hum 6- Mummy/ Papa/ Didi/ dada/ Bhai and Anu) and Pallavi Bhabhi, Chanu, Saurabh for sharing your feedback as and when needed during whole publishing exercise. I took up a new assignment at the beginning of January and had no time for proofreading; Thank you, Saurabh Srivastava, for taking out time and helping with the final proof. I owe you a Hug! ❤ . Thank you dada and Bhai for adding to the visibility of Siya by placing it on famous counters.

The book was under editing and the publisher suggested few ideas for the cover page. It was a woman, going into the woods. Preferably someone who looked like ‘Siya’ as described in the book. I know, who I had in mind while writing Siya. The looks were taken from one of the women I admire, a senior person who I knew won’t be comfortable shooting for cover.

So I looked for an alternative and I found two 😊 in Nikita Gadal and Bhumika Joshi, but before I could approach both of them for the shoot, due to some unavoidable circumstances. I was left with no option to shoot for the cover. I needed a model with long hair. Here Ramandeep suggested that I should talk to a few students and brief them on what I wanted in cover. I shot few cover options myself as suggested by the publisher, while I went to the meditation camp of Niravanathemoksha. The brief was prepared and sent to a few students. I am grateful that Amit Baruah, Mayur KohadSnehashish Roy and Sahil readily agreed and helped me with pictures as per my requirement. Thank you for taking the pain of finding perfect locations, models and their attire.  Thank you for taking out time and shooting for me in your hometowns. It means a lot. ❤

Thank you, Sahil for getting us the perfect cover picture that got selected by the publishers. I will always be grateful. I have requested the publishers to mention your name for the cover picture credit in the second edition and onwards. I must tell you one thing Sahil, your dedication and humble attitude will take you to places. God Bless 🙂 ❤

Thank you, Richa Anirudh; I spoke with you after almost 12 years for the book and foreword. Thank you for agreeing on reading it and writing the foreword.

I also want to thank RJ Addy, Sarita Mam, Mann Bardhan Kanthji, Dr Mridula Dora, Padmavathy Mam, Sarbani Chakravarty, Ruchi Gupta, Parul Budkar, Vinita Vyas, Nishu Choudhary, Nidhi Rai Bhatnagar, Srinkhal Chandra; for having trust in my story and writing blurbs for the book.

I took a break from my fulltime assignment to focus more on my book launch, in January I took up another assignment which consumed all my time and I couldn’t focus on my book launch. Sorry, Authors pride publisher that I couldn’t do any promotions as per your suggestions. I couldn’t launch it till now due to my work commitments. I am sorry, but my friends have done much better than I could even imagine.

Other than my family, two more people are working hard on my Book Rajul and Kulbir! You both are the rockstars! I know I take you for granted. I behave difficult and super busy for creating the promotional content of my own book 🙂 and I make you guys slog as if it is your duty to work on my projects 😀 trust me, it is your duty only 😉 😀 ❤ Because you are my true friends 🙂

I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart for tolerating me. I mentioned you guys in the acknowledgement note as well, but Kulbir managed to get his name deleted from there 🙂 Thank you both of you for reading Siya from draft 1 to 9th and 100 more times during the editing process. I am sure, by now you guys have memorised all the scenes and dialogues of Siya 😀 Thank you for being there as and when needed. From writing to publishing to designing of cover, choosing the fonts, clicking pictures, getting the blurbs and everything.

Thank you Kulbir for taking up the promotions of the book as a self-motivated volunteer, creating the page and website for Siya. Guys, every innovative thing that you see on the page of Siya is created/ ideated by Kulbir. From creating the page to the website, from writing posts to creating polls, both of you managed it so well, without me anywhere in the scene ever. Rajul, I am sorry; I couldn’t do that women’s day video as you instructed, but see… you did it in a better way for me ❤ :* I am happy, that without any conventional launch and paid reviews; the first edition is almost sold out. Thank you Kulbir for making it reach to the masses.

I am so proud to have you people in my life, who love me and support me selflessly. Stick around buddies! 


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